How to create Seminar Report

. Sunday, 17 April 2011

Before starting to learn how to create a seminar report, we should first know what a seminar report is. A seminar report contains all the topics and their details of the seminar. A seminar report is submitted before giving the seminar; it is then checked and evaluated. Later when you give the seminar this report is used by your seminar in charge or other faculties to get the details of the topics you are explaining.
A seminar report has a specific format; you can ask about it from your faculties or better: learn here to do it. 

A seminar report goes in the following way:
  • Starting Page
  • Certificate
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Detailed Description
  • Conclusions
  • References

All of the above are now being explained in detail:

Starting Page
This is the first page of your seminar report. It starts with the name of your seminar topic, your college name, college logo, name of guide teacher, your name, your college address at the bottom and some other details. This page contains no page number, no header and footers and is better to be printed out in colored ink.

This page has the certificate which certifies that you have given this seminar, with the signatures of your seminar head, seminar guide and your head of department. From this page you can start putting page numbers and headers and footers.
In header put your seminar topic name at left side your college name at the right side.
In footer put your branch name in the left and page number at right. You can actually change this if you want but do not put too many details in header and footer.

This page is to acknowledge the help of others that you had in the preparation of your seminar. Give all the gratitude and thanks to those that helped you in all the way that you can.

This page contains the abstract of your seminar topic. It is basically the description of all the contents of your report in short. You may use 2-3 pages for this.

Table of Contents
This is the list of all the topics in your report with their names and corresponding page numbers. It is same that you find in any book at the starting. Put main topic in bold and sub-topic in regular font.

Detailed Description
After the table of contents its time for the detailed description of the topics listed in that. Describe each topic that you used in your seminar in sufficient quantity with use of images if possible. Make use of headings and sub-headings in this part to help understand the topics better.

After you are done with all the explaining of the topics of your seminar, its time to put the conclusions. Conclusions are basically used to tell criticism, alternate technologies, future of the topic etc.

References are other sources from which the information about your seminar topic can be taken. Put here name of some books of your topic and also some websites like Wikipedia etc.

Here is the sample format that you can download to create your seminar report